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Dr. Zsolt Horai
Dental Surgeon
Divinus Dental Surgery
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Pain free treatment

During dental treatment we use the most up-to-date anaesthetic techniques and painkilling agents, thanks to which, not just the treatment, but also the dosing of the anaesthetic itself is painless. We have completely banished pain from our surgery, and there is now nothing to fear.

That really doesn’t hurt!

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Health funds

The Debrecen dental surgery has links with many health funds. In this way our patients can transfer the cost of their treatment to their health fund account as well.

You can pay by bank card

The Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery, in addition to cash, also accepts various bank cards as payment methods for dental treatment costs.

SZÉP Card accepted here

You can also use the excellent opportunities the Széchenyi Pihenő Card offers you at our dental surgery. The fees for some of our services can also be paid by SZÉP Card.

SZÉP Kártya elfogadóhely
SZÉP Kártya partnerek

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Divinus Dental Surgery Debrecen

Before we are ready to use any service, there are two things that are important to be clear about. One is the fee we have to pay, i.e. how much it will cost us; the other is the level of the service, i.e. what we will get for our money. It works exactly the same way in dentistry. As far as the quality is concerned – which is something we make no compromises on – we can provide everyone with the highest level of dental treatment. With the prices we are much more flexible, and as you can see below, we offer a very favourable range of prices that are affordable for all. In the price of the treatments we have not, for example, built in the extra costs of the investment in new developments to maintain a high quality of provision, or the added value of what is now 17 years of specialist experience.

Fees for dental treatments (GBP)
Consultation free
Dental screening free
Assessment of condition, price quotation free
Amalgam filling* £15
Aesthetic filling* £25
Repair of filling £20
Milk tooth filling £15
Artificial tooth stump tap £35
Tooth built up on a tap £15
Stump built up on a tap for crown placement £15
Porcelain inlay £50
Gold inlay - (excluding material costs) £50
Composite inlay £40
Root treatment, root fillings
Opening of a tooth £5
Medicinal root filling (each occasion) £5
Root filling (for a single root tooth) £20
Root filling (each root, for a multiple root tooth) £15
Fixed dentures
Acrylic crown £45
Metal-ceramic crown (traditional metal frame with porcelain cover) £50
Porcelain crown (metal free) £50
Zirconium-ceramic crown (zirconium frame with porcelain cover) £100
Ceramic veneer £70
Implant (mini implant - immediately useable) £140
Implant (normal - immediately useable) £199
Implant (Nobel Biocare - extra high quality) £480
Implant head, titanium normal £55
Implant head, titanium special (tilted or ball head) £80
Implant head, titanium Nobel Biocare - extra high quality £200
Crown / bridge removal, each £5
Special bridge removal (replaceable) / each, but maximum £20
Crown / bridge refixing, each £5
Temporary crown / bridge preparation, each £15
Removable dentures
Acrylic tooth row £130
Acrylic tooth row with metal brace £150
Metal frame tooth row £150
Preci vertix elastic clips / each £50
Tooth row repair £20
Oral hygiene, preventative and aesthetic treatments
Abrading £10
Ultra sound plaque removal / each jaw section £15
Local fluoride treatment / each tooth £5
Whitening in the surgery / Plasma or LED Light, full - upper and lower together £130
Whitening in the surgery / BIO, full - upper and lower together £100
Whitening in the surgery / Laser, full - upper and lower together £180
Overnight whitening at home / each jaw section £65
Tooth jewellery positioning / does not include jewel cost £20
Soft Laser Treatment /occasion £5
Extraction / single root, normal tooth removal £15
Extraction / multiple root, or complicated tooth removal £20
IIntraoral dental x-ray - digital £5
Panorama x-ray £15

*the fee for treatment can vary according to the level of decay

Autumn Specials
£199 £175

World premiere!
Full Contour zirconium crown at introductory price £110

The offer is valid from 7 Marc 2019 to 20 April 2019


You can reach us quickly and very cheaply by Wizz Air flights.

Professional tooth whitening

Thanks to the tooth whitening procedure carried out in the surgery with the dentist’s assistance you can leave the Divinus Dental Surgery with snow white teeth in as little as one hour.

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Instead of discoloured, yellowing teeth you can show a row of new shining, snow white teeth while you talk.

The secret of the Hollywood smile

Dentists are often asked why stars, whatever their age, have such beautiful teeth and such wonderful smiles. The answer is simple: they simply take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern aesthetic dentistry. These methods and technologies can also be enjoyed at the Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery.


Ceramic veneers, porcelain teeth veneers
These are used to deal with the aesthetic faults in the front teeth. After polishing the exterior of the tooth, the dental technician prepares a thin porcelain layer (a ceramic veneer), which the dentist fixes to the tooth with a special binding agent.

Zirconium crowns and bridges
Replacement teeth prepared from zirconium oxide satisfy the highest aesthetic and functional demands.

Dental implants can completely replace lost or missing teeth.

Tooth whitening
Whitening carried out by the dentist at the surgery is the most popular element of aesthetic dentistry.