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Pain free treatment

During dental treatment we use the most up-to-date anaesthetic techniques and painkilling agents, thanks to which, not just the treatment, but also the dosing of the anaesthetic itself is painless. We have completely banished pain from our surgery, and there is now nothing to fear.

That really doesn’t hurt!

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Health funds

The Debrecen dental surgery has links with many health funds. In this way our patients can transfer the cost of their treatment to their health fund account as well.

You can pay by bank card

The Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery, in addition to cash, also accepts various bank cards as payment methods for dental treatment costs.

SZÉP Card accepted here

You can also use the excellent opportunities the Széchenyi Pihenő Card offers you at our dental surgery. The fees for some of our services can also be paid by SZÉP Card.

SZÉP Kártya elfogadóhely
SZÉP Kártya partnerek

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Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery


If, following the removal of a decayed area, the remaining tooth or teeth can still not be built up, either with fillings or with cast fillings, we will place what is called a crown on the rubbed down tooth. The preparation of the crown takes place in the laboratory, after a model has been prepared in the dental laboratory. In the case of front teeth a crown is often prepared for aesthetic reasons. The most common types are porcelain cover with a metal or zirconium oxide frame. A crown with a metal frame and porcelain surface is known as a metal-ceramic crown, although it is commonly referred to simply as a ceramic crown. However, it is important to be aware that there is another type of crown, of pure porcelain, although this is used much more rarely. Zirconium crowns are extremely strong and can be used to create dentures which are beautiful and almost indistinguishable from the real ones. This is due to the fact that they radiate light in the same way as real teeth. Since these are completely metal free teeth, they are also a perfect solution for those who are sensitive to metals. In the case of an allergy to metals a solution is the Jacket, made of pure porcelain, or the gold-ceramic crown.

Fogorvos - korona

When is a crown recommended?

For teeth that are severely decayed, damaged or abraded

When decay is so advanced that the tooth cannot be repaired either with a filling or with an inlay, then a crown can be one way to restore the damage.

For root treated teeth

For root treated, lifeless teeth regularly weaken quickly and are likely to break or become damaged. To avoid this it is advisable to provide a crown for the teeth, which offers protection in the long term.

An implant as a crown superstructure

After implanting the teeth the crown is generally placed on the false root of the upper jaw stump.

As an aesthetic solution

If, for example, the front teeth are irregular, lean forwards or backwards, or if our aim is to remove an unsightly gap, then the crown can be used as a solution by the dentist here too. For teeth which have suffered severe discolouration (e.g. from root treatment) the crown is also a common solution.

Bridges, partial replacements for anchoring

Fixing a bridge is usually carried out on the two neighbouring teeth which thus become pillars and also fix the bridge in place.


Fogorvos - hidWhen there are missing teeth they can also be replaced by building a bridge to link the abutment teeth, on which the missing tooth can be built up (pontic tooth). The disadvantage, compared to an implant, is that the adjacent (abutment) teeth must be rubbed down, or gaps must be created in them in order to fix the bridge securely. Usually - just as with the crown - the bridge is also a metal or zirconium frame with a porcelain body, otherwise known as the cover.

Extractable replacements

AA state in which teeth are missing is not just a problem from the aesthetic point of view, since the loss of chewing ability can cause serious digestive problems, which can in the long run lead to incurable stomach illnesses. A missing tooth must therefore, somehow or other, be replaced. In the case of several missing teeth, when it is not possible for various reasons (e.g. financial considerations) to implant all the required teeth, the dentist can solve the problem with a removable denture. If at least one tooth is left on the given jawbone, then a combined (partly removable) denture can be made, while if not, then a complete row of teeth, (a dental prosthesis) is the answer. It may well be that these are not as comfortable as fixed replacements; however, compared to a state of having no teeth at all, they open up a completely new dimension in a person's life. In aesthetic and functional terms they can be almost identical.

Autumn Specials
Zirconium crown only

The offer is valid from 15 Sept 2020 to 30 Oct 2020


You can reach us quickly and very cheaply by Wizz Air flights.

Professional tooth whitening

Thanks to the tooth whitening procedure carried out in the surgery with the dentist’s assistance you can leave the Divinus Dental Surgery with snow white teeth in as little as one hour.

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Instead of discoloured, yellowing teeth you can show a row of new shining, snow white teeth while you talk.

The secret of the Hollywood smile

Dentists are often asked why stars, whatever their age, have such beautiful teeth and such wonderful smiles. The answer is simple: they simply take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern aesthetic dentistry. These methods and technologies can also be enjoyed at the Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery.


Ceramic veneers, porcelain teeth veneers
These are used to deal with the aesthetic faults in the front teeth. After polishing the exterior of the tooth, the dental technician prepares a thin porcelain layer (a ceramic veneer), which the dentist fixes to the tooth with a special binding agent.

Zirconium crowns and bridges
Replacement teeth prepared from zirconium oxide satisfy the highest aesthetic and functional demands.

Dental implants can completely replace lost or missing teeth.

Tooth whitening
Whitening carried out by the dentist at the surgery is the most popular element of aesthetic dentistry.