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Dr. Zsolt Horai
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Pain free treatment

During dental treatment we use the most up-to-date anaesthetic techniques and painkilling agents, thanks to which, not just the treatment, but also the dosing of the anaesthetic itself is painless. We have completely banished pain from our surgery, and there is now nothing to fear.

That really doesn’t hurt!

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Health funds

The Debrecen dental surgery has links with many health funds. In this way our patients can transfer the cost of their treatment to their health fund account as well.

You can pay by bank card

The Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery, in addition to cash, also accepts various bank cards as payment methods for dental treatment costs.

SZÉP Card accepted here

You can also use the excellent opportunities the Széchenyi Pihenő Card offers you at our dental surgery. The fees for some of our services can also be paid by SZÉP Card.

SZÉP Kártya elfogadóhely
SZÉP Kártya partnerek

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Divinus Dental Surgery Debrecen
Dr. Zsolt Horai, Dental Surgeon

As I well know, people aren’t too happy to go to the dentist’s and usually only visit when it’s really impossible to avoid dental treatment. And that’s when the process starts; they look up the dentists’ websites on the internet and try to work out who is the best dentist in Debrecen, which private surgery offers the best service, or, alternatively which dentist offers the cheapest treatment. I believe that there are really no objective, unambiguous answers to these kinds of questions; everyone has to make their own choice – bearing in mind their own personal needs and expectations, and their own financial means – on the basis of their personal choice of dentist and their trust in him or her. I do not claim – and wouldn’t want to try to convince anyone – that I am the best dentist, but, I have always done and will continue to do, everything it takes in order to be the best.

From the pint of view of those living in the Debrecen area who have to choose a dentist, they are in a fortunate situation, since our city has a good dentist-patient ratio and a large number of excellent specialists work here. What is more, the fees charged in our region – whether for an extraction, filling, crown preparation, a dental implant, or even tooth whitening – are significantly lower than those in, for example, Budapest, or Western Hungary. Unfortunately, despite this, dental treatment in the Debrecen area is not a cheap affair, since the cost of the service is to a large extent influenced by the high quality equipment used by the dentist and the up-to-date tools and surgery. However, it is not really possible to save money on dental treatment, since one of the basic conditions of good quality dental treatment is a high standard of surgery work.

Prevention pays off

If you want to spend less on dental treatment, I recommend you pay attention to prevention. Unfortunately Hungary lags a long way behind developed European countries in terms of public health dentistry. I feel that we still don’t do enough on a social level to change this situation in a short period. As a dentist I am a committed believer in prevention – whenever I can I take the opportunity to popularise it.

So I’ll take this opportunity to offer some good advice to visitors to this site to help you look after your teeth.

  • After eating and before going to bed, always clean your teeth. At least twice a day is compulsory!
  • If you can, use an electronic toothbrush, because it cleans better than a traditional one.
  • Use dental floss to clean those areas - e.g. between your teeth - that can't be reached by the toothbrush.
  • Fluoride is a very effective tool in reducing the formation of cavities (fluoride-enriched salt, fluoride tablets, toothpastes with added fluoride)
  • Sugar consumption increases the risk of cavities, so in this sense, a sugar substitute is healthier.
  • An apple - eaten whole with the peel - has a positive effect on the gums as well.
  • Drinking tea or coffee significantly increases the chance of discolouration, so where possible, brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Accumulated plaque can cause periodontal infection, bleeding gums and even periodontal destruction, which in turn can lead to loosening and eventual loss of teeth. So plaque must be removed regularly, by specially developed dental equipment and techniques, such as ultrasound depuration.
  • It is an absolute necessity to have a check-up every six months.

If everyone took this advice to heart, there would many fewer cavities and tooth decay would be much less likely to lead to tooth loss.

Regular dental check-ups are absolutely essential.

Every six months everyone should devote half an hour to this. The dentist checks that there is no risk of decay or plaque developing. Plaque is largely responsible for tooth discolouration and for unpleasant breath odour. With regular check-ups this problem can be treated quickly and painlessly. In exchange the patient enjoys healthy teeth and a pleasant breath for a long period.

If you don't go regularly to have a dental check, you can be sure that plaque will cause your teeth to gradually yellow, which is not just aesthetically unpleasant, but also causes unpleasant breath. Neglected gums become infected, teeth become more sensitive, loosen and eventually you will lose them. A sign of this is when your gums become red, swell and bleed when you wash your teeth. However, if you don't have your teeth checked, tooth decay only comes to light when it is in a very advanced state, and then it is can only be treated at much greater cost, or, in some cases, the tooth cannot be saved at all.

Sadly, in Hungary dental treatment in general is not free, and so even a simple tooth replacement (e.g. a crown) can represent a significant outlay for someone earning an average wage. In addition, nowadays a well-cared-for appearance is more important in social success, and a winning smile and healthy teeth are both part of this. There's no point wearing beautiful clothes and going regularly to the hairdresser, manicurist or solarium, if your teeth are uncared for. It can have a decisive role in our social relationships and career.

The more you neglect your teeth, the more you will have to spend later on on dental treatment to get back that winning smile.

Don’t forget – at Debrecen’s Divinus Dental Surgery the initial screening is a FREE service! Dental problems which are discovered in time are much easier to deal with and much cheaper to treat. It’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunity.


Come and visit us; we are ready and waiting to care for you in our surgery.


Dr. Zsolt Horai fogorvos
dental surgeron

Autumn Specials
Zirconium crown only

The offer is valid from 15 Sept 2020 to 30 Oct 2020


You can reach us quickly and very cheaply by Wizz Air flights.

Professional tooth whitening

Thanks to the tooth whitening procedure carried out in the surgery with the dentist’s assistance you can leave the Divinus Dental Surgery with snow white teeth in as little as one hour.

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Instead of discoloured, yellowing teeth you can show a row of new shining, snow white teeth while you talk.

The secret of the Hollywood smile

Dentists are often asked why stars, whatever their age, have such beautiful teeth and such wonderful smiles. The answer is simple: they simply take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern aesthetic dentistry. These methods and technologies can also be enjoyed at the Debrecen Divinus Dental Surgery.


Ceramic veneers, porcelain teeth veneers
These are used to deal with the aesthetic faults in the front teeth. After polishing the exterior of the tooth, the dental technician prepares a thin porcelain layer (a ceramic veneer), which the dentist fixes to the tooth with a special binding agent.

Zirconium crowns and bridges
Replacement teeth prepared from zirconium oxide satisfy the highest aesthetic and functional demands.

Dental implants can completely replace lost or missing teeth.

Tooth whitening
Whitening carried out by the dentist at the surgery is the most popular element of aesthetic dentistry.